Hitting My Stride 3/9 - 3/15/2015

With the time changing this week there was actually enough daylight to get out on my bike after work a couple of nights this week!

I feel like I am finally adjusting to the new work schedule and developing a routine that makes me feel confident that I will be able to develop some good fitness this year and hopeful that I will be able to put up some good results!

The first shipment of shoes and cloths came from my new sponsor ZOOT this week and I had a good time trying out a couple of new pairs of shoes. The styles and colors are fun and unique and I am glad to have found a couple of different styles that work well with my somewhat unusual feet :P My favorites thus far are the Ultra Kane 3.0 and the Ultra TT 7.0.

I am hoping to keep this trend up because, as someone reminded me it is less than SEVEN WEEKS TO WILDFLOWER  O_O

Swim 16,000 yds
Bike 9.5 hrs
Run 33.5 mi

I'm Back!

Hey Everybody!

I know it has been quite a while since I updated and it isn't because there hasn't been a lot going on...quite the opposite! There has been lots of change going on for me in all areas of my life and happily all for the better!

One big change is that I will be racing for ZOOT this year which I am very excited about and not just because they are based in San Diego. Zoot sports makes all kinds of awesome multisport gear and has been an innovator in the sport of triathlon for over 30 years!

I have been doing a lot of stuff in the past couple months including traveling, giving talks, learning a ton of new skills and a ton about myself as well. One of my new experiences was being interviewed for a podcast by a young local guy From Santa Cruz Triathlon association Harley Eblen. I gave a talk as the SCTA season opening event and he asked if I would like to be on a podcast. He does a great job so give it a listen if you have not had a chance.

I am finally starting to get the hang of getting regular training in around the forty hour work week and I have a newfound respect for people that have been doing it successfully for years! I am definitely not back into the full swing of things but I am hoping with a little goal setting and support I will be able to get back on track and put up a solid season!

Swim 11,500 yds
Bike 6.5 hrs
Run 31.5 mi