4/6 - 4/12/2015

These past couple of weeks I have finally been taking a shot at some of my target workouts that I regularly use to gauge my fitness. I have been doing better than expected which is really exciting! I know that the lack of consistency and volume are a challenge but my strength and speed seem to be back at a good level. This is good because Wildflower is less than three weeks away and even thought I don't have any illusions about winning I also know that it won't be awful and if I stay within myself I still stand a good chance of a decent result.

I have been getting in a lot of my new gear from Team Zoot and the color schemes are awesome! I love that Neon Green & Yellow, Bright Orange & Blue as well as Black and Green are the trend right now...it really brings me back to my 90's roots :)

Spring has begun here and even though it will be short lived because it is so dry, for now it is really beautiful out and training has been very enjoyable!

Swim 12,000 yds
Bike 9 hrs
Run 27.75 mi

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