5/4-5/10/2015 The Plan

After a decent day at Wildflower last weekend I finally felt confident enough to start making a plan for the season. I am going to plan on sticking to local events...with the recent trend in our sport towards consolidation and exclusivity, I have been seeing less and less support for local events, promoters and athletes. These have always been the people that supported me and even though I get the appeal of destination events, there are so many good ones right in our back yard, put on by people in our community, that are just as challenging and support the goals of people that may not be able to afford the travel, fees and gear for a 'bigger' event.

I have only gotten a couple of months planned so far but I am really excited about giving some of the remaining goals I have for triathlon a go this year. The main focus of the early-mid summer is going to be on Vineman's events in the Russian River area of the north bay. On May 31st they are hosting a relatively new olympic distance event called Monte Rio which I have not done before and I am very excited about. I am also planning on doing their 70.3 event in mid July in preparation for a second attempt at the Full Vineman on July 25. Last year I was on a great day there and some minor unforeseen challenges forced me to pull out...I am really looking forward to another try at putting up a great day there!

Swim 10,000 yds
Bike 7 hrs
Run 16 mi

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