My name is Eric Clarkson and I have been a professional triathlete since the fall of 2009.

I grew up in the east bay, Walnut Creek to be exact, and played team sports year-round until I graduated high school. I loved basketball, baseball and soccer but what always drove me was a desire to push harder and perform better. Looking for a new challenge I joined the swim team at my community college and immediately got a serious lesson on what hard work really is. Never having trained full time before, the rigors of collegiate athletics pushed me to my breaking point from the start and just getting through workouts was a struggle for the first year.

Although many times I felt like I was going to crack and feared that I could not keep up with the training, that only fueled my desire to push on. With each season I got stronger and found my body's limits growing. I was introduced to triathlon by other members of the swim team at UC Santa Cruz and after college I got hooked on cycling, racing the NCNCA circuit for a few years. Without any tangible athletic goals or prospects my motivation to train slowly dwindled and my life's focus moved to other things.

For a couple of years I worked full time and explored the prospect of going back to school but in the back of my mind I always desired to train full time and chase my athletic potential. After some time without any athletic endeavors, I found myself forty-five pounds over-weight, in a job I didn't like and living in a place that made me really unhappy. I decided it was time for a change, picked up moved and started over. With the help of family, friends and the support of an incredible community I was able to get  get back on my feet.

Whenever I talk with people that are at an impasse of some kind I always ask them 'If money, other peoples expectations and everything else were not a factor what would you want to do?' and I always tell them 'Go for that.' When I found myself not knowing what direction to take my life in I was asked the same question and being a professional athlete and racing at the edge of my ability has always been what I dreamed about. With the help and understanding of my loved ones, friends and community I am trying to make that dream a reality.

Thanks for stoping by!

  • I once ate an extra large pepperoni/sausage/artichoke pizza.
  • Gospel music, especially a cappella, reaches deep into my soul.
  • If I pass an animal, wild or domesticated, when I am out on the road running or riding I always make kissy noises at them whether it is a cat, cow, squirrel, dog or whatever.
  • If I could, I would adopt 80% of all the dogs I see and 70% of all cats I see.
  • I constantly crack the middle knuckle on my right middle finger ever since I sprained it with an overly tightened pull paddle.
  • I grow facial hair at an inappropriate rate.
  • I love to cook but only for other people and when I don't have anyone to cook for there are only five, relatively boring, meals that I eat over and over. 
  • I am extraordinarily good at making armpit farts.
  • Other than racing, my dream job would be to write and shoot photography for Outside of National Geographic.