One of the aspects of my endeavor that has evolved a lot over the past couple of years has been the conscious, directed control of what I put into my body. With better choices I have found vast returns in energy levels, recovery and other areas that help a ton with the demands of my lifestyle. I have always had a deep love for food, and cooking has become a particular interest of mine in the past couple of years. I thought it might be fun to post some of my favorite meals/foods/fuels as I feel that nutrition is such an integral part of the training process.

When I was a kid I was really picky about food and I am sure it was just stubbornness and unwillingness to try new things. Salad had never been been something I had liked but in the past few years I have discovered that they are not only one of the easiest thing to prepare but also the best way to generate a meal that is high in diverse micronutrients! Here is my current favorite: mixed greens, tomatoes, roasted beets, almonds, feta, poached eggs and balsamic vinegar/ranch dressing.

One of my favorite movie lines of all time, because I can identify with it so much, is '...but what about second breakfast?' There are a lot of days where the standard meals just won't cut it and mid-way between I have to had a smaller plate of snacks or something to hold me over. This is a god example of one of my favorite mid-afternoon snack plates.

I love that small artisan treats have become popular in the last five years and to be able to pick from multiple small-batch local ice cream, cookie, or cupcake shops is so awesome. What a time we live in!

Everyone's favorite post race meal...In-n-Out burger!!!! I like the Double-Double, animal-style Fries and Neapolitan Shake myself :)

I have a few regular morning meals that I like before getting out on the road. The size varies some times but one of my favorites is a couple of pieces of toast and a quartered banana, with almond butter and jam. I usually accompany this with a mixture of juices including orange, blueberry, mango, grape, apple, strawberry, peach, wheat grass and spirulina.

My current favorite post workout meal is so delicious that I would eat it every day if that was practical. I guess it would be called a parfait but I start with a handfull of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, I sprinkle chia seeds over them, add a few almonds and then mix that all together with yogurt. I top all that off with pumpkin and flax seed granola.

It is usually cheaper and healthier to cook meals at home and I always enjoy the process. One of our favorite meals consists of roasted vegetables, chicken and potatoes or rice. If I have time I like to put some time into it and try to make the most of the simple ingredients we keep around the house. In this case roasted potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower with chicken that is baked in a meyer lemon and honey reduction.

On occasion I need a mid to late afternoon top off of fuel and protein and I have a couple of go-to snacks that serve this purpose. My favorite by far is a turkey or black bean veggie patty that is toasted inside a tortilla with some cheese and sometimes avocado or brussels sprouts.

I don't know if this falls under nutrition but I have developed a wonderful relationship with coffee. We have several good roasters in town and I really have gotten hooked. Apart from benig delicious and making you feel like a million bucks coffee can be a useful tool, when used in moderation, for manipulating your energy levels some should life require it.

One of my biggest weaknesses is mexican food. Be it a super burrito, taco salad or anything ending in 'plate.' My family and I grew up eating mexican food all the time and to this day if I get it in my head that I must have a Carne Asada Burrito that is 'Super Size' and 'Wet Stile' nothing can get my mind off of it except having that sweet delicious meal in my belly. The first is what it looks like when I am good and make it for myself and the second is when I don't care and I must have it ALL RIGHT NOW!!!

I had a night off so I figured I would take a crack at creating a decent pasta dish using some of the techniques I have been seeing at work. I tossed together some of the stuff that we had around the house and ended up with something not half bad! 

I also love wine and cheese!!

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